Best Types Of Paper for Classy Business Cards


Business cards are one of the best ways to promote your business to people that you have just met. It is a great opportunity for you to introduce your business to that person while giving them all the details one needs so they can contact you as soon as they need your services or products.

But in order to convert a user into a customer, you need to convince them that your services and products are completely worth it. To make that happen, you need to have a great business card, which can only happen if you have the right details on it, the right design, and a great business card paper.

In this blog, Digital Express, the best business card Printing Services in Calgary, will list down the best types of paper for classy business cards.

1. Stock Card or Card Stock 

This type of card is the most common type of business card in the market. They are sturdy and are pretty durable compared to other types of business card. Most of the time card stocks, which are also known as “cover stock”, are given a matte, glossy, photo, or textured detail so it can become a good business card.

2. Matte Stocks

If you’re a type of person that doesn’t like glossy or shiny finishes, you should go with matte stocks. This type of paper is currently hot in the market right now due to the trend of matte finishes.

3.Glossy Stocks

Glossy stocks are commonly seen in business cards that are extremely professional. This is done so they could highlight their services in the most elegant way. Remember, glossy stock paper type cards have a coating that allows the finish to become shiny. It also makes the color on the Business Cards Printing Calgary SE brighter.

4.Photo Card Stocks

If you want your business card to have a finish that is similar with pictures, you want to go with photo card stocks. This type of paper is mostly used by models, brokers, actors, real estate agents, and other professionals that meet a lot of people on the daily basis.

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